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An eye for design... that's what you have to have in this business.  So building KPD Studios website was a lot of fun! Kristine knew exactly what she wanted so our goal was to visually display her business on all browsers and all devices. We also wanted to keep the budget controlled and not spend some crazy amount on design... I think her work does that well enough (not crazy money but ourstanding work - take a look at her accolades!)!

So we decided to deploy a Wordpress theme, and make some CSS modifications, and add a bit of custom code to display the image galleries they way she wanted. In the end, our turnaround time was pretty quick and our costs we're low given the very stylish and fully functioning website! 

I cannot say enough about Rob's services.  Being in the design field I had my own concepts that I was unable to transform into a website by myself.  The combination of Rob's ability to decipher my websites mechanical needs and integrate my creative concepts into, resulted in a site that I am proud of and one that also receives consistent positive feedback from my clientele. 

Kristine Pivarnik

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Wordpress, CSS, Responsive, Image Galleries
KPD Studios